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We believe that homework supports and enhances student learning by allowing students to practice skills, deepen understanding and become more confident in their mathematical ability.  The Contemporary Mathematics teachers will assign meaningful homework problems two or three days a week that students can complete in a (weekly) total of 30-40 minutes.  We will ensure students understand the concepts  and have the necessary skills to successfully complete these assignments before assigning them as homework.  We will provide timely feedback on student homework, with time allotted in class and/or outside of class, for student clarification.  Homework is an assessment of developing knowledge and understanding, and hence will be scored in the "formative assessment" category of the gradebook.

Charles Arellano
Phone: 720-972-4453
Website: Mr. Arellano

Stuart Detlefsen
Phone: 720-972-4450
Blair Gonzales
Phone:  720-972-4464
Julie Hewitt
Phone: 720-972-4485
Website: Hewitt's Home

Patricia Ingram
Phone: 720-972-4480
Website: Ingram's Info
Lori Jones
Phone: 720-972-4446
Teri King
Phone: 720-972-4476
Website: King's Korner

Renee Lay
Phone: 720-972-4451
Website: Renee Lay
Caitlin Pfeffer
Phone: 720-972-4448
Cheryl Olson
Phone: 720-972-4477
Website: OlsOnline

Marcella Safe
Phone: 720-972-4483
Paula Skindzier
Phone: 720-972-4484
Sandi Tucker
Phone: 720-972-4481
Website: Tucker Talk
Shawna Verbeke
Phone: 720-972-4479
 Frank Ybarra
Phone: 720-972-4494
Secondary Phone: 720-972-2453

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