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Culture Webquest

Culture Webquest: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Provide written analysis for various pictures archived on the National Geographic Photography: People &Culture webpage.

Part A -- Identify aspects of material culture represented in each photograph. Make speculations with regard to cultural norms and non-material culture, including the use of symbols:

1. Pre-Game Ritual


2. Tea Ceremony


3. Marines Training


4. Buddha in Coal Yard


5. Mbukushu Mother and Child


6. In pictures 1-5, what are some similarities you notice about the rituals being practiced in each of the pictures?


7. Why do you suppose such similarities exist?


8. What is dissimilar about the photographs?


Part B -- Cultural Relativism

For each of the following, explain what potential exists for cultural relativism to become an issue during your analysis of these photographs:

9. Slaughterman


10. Face Paint


11. Elephant Bath


12. Buffalo Race


13. Illegal Miners


Part C -- Sociological Perspectives

Pick any picture found at the National Geographic site (you may use pictures already used) and interpret them through

various sociological perspectives. List the photo's title and the page number (1-7) it is found on.

14. Photo title _______________________________ Page # ________

Interpret this photograph using the Functionalist Perspective:



15. Photo title _______________________________ Page # ________

Interpret this photograph using the Symbolic-Interactionist Perspective:



16. Photo title _______________________________ Page # ________

Interpret this photograph using Conflict Theory:



Part D -- Synthesis

17. Having completed this webquest, give a summative conclusion: what have you learned about culture?