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India Webquest



India Webquest:

As an introduction to imperialism in India you will be looking at the PBS website The Story of India. You need to use your textbook and the following links to answer the questions.


1.     By looking at the map online and in your textbook on page A3, A4, and A18 answer the following question with predictions of your own:

a.     Why would any European colony want to colonize India? (Think resources, location, etc.)2.     Looking at pages 357, why was India called Britain’s “Jewel in the Crown”?

3.     By clicking on this link and looking at “Explore the Topic” answer the following questions:

a.     What allowed Europeans to colonize India?

b.     What measures did Great Britain take to maintain dominance in the area?

c.      What were some of the positives Great Britain brought to India? 

4.     On “Explore the Topic” drag down there is a link title “The Great Rebellion.” Use these readings to answer the following questions.

a.     The Great Rebellion is also called what?

b.     Why were the sepoys rebelling (long-term and short-term)?

c.      How did the British respond to the rebellion? (Immediately)

                        d.     How did the British reorganize the military?

e.     What were longterm effects of the rebellion?

5.     On “Explore the Topic” drag down there is a link title “British Raj.” Use these readings to answer the following questions.

a.     What was the British Raj?

b.     How was the British Raj set-up in terms of the government officials?

c.      What was significant about the Indian railway system?

d.     What were positive and negative effects with taking the Britain crown taking control in India? 

Final Discussion Questions:

6.     Why did the British push the development of railroads in India? What was the practical and symbolic nature of a British controlled railroad system in India?

7.     Why is the bureaucracy the British created to control India considered impressive?