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Intro to Sociology Webquest

Introduction to Sociology Webquest

To answer the following, use the Student Resources in Context database found on the Horizon High Library site.

1. According to our text, Auguste Comte is considered the "Father of Sociology." Browse the following article and briefly describe Comte's view towards religion.


2. Make an inference: how is Comte's view on religion related to his development of Sociology as a scientific field?


3. Herbert Spencer was a proponent of Social Darwinism. How has this theory been applied in America to economic beliefs and practices? Do you agree with these beliefs or practices? Defend your answer.


4. Consult this article on Karl Marx and scroll down to the section titled "His Ideas." Describe the transition from capitalism to communism according to Marx.


5. Make an inference: in sociology, why is Marx considered a conflict theorist?


6. Consult this text and chart found at this site. What sort of career opportunities are availble in Sociology?


7. Sociology of schools--According to one sociology study, why do middle-class students perform better in school than lower-class students?


8. Go to the "News for Sociology" section. Pick two articles and read them. Summarize each article briefly and then give a brief personal response to its contents.