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Rome WebQuest


This webquest is courtesy of Ms. Baca. Thanks, Ms. Baca!!

I. Identify the vocabulary

republic (this one's not listed but you should know it already!)









Pax Romana


II. Geography

Use the series of maps located at this site to answer the following questions.

Describe the empire at the time of Julius Caesar's death.

What year did the following barbarian tribes invade and how far did they get in their first invasion?






What group invaded circa 450 AD?

What is odd about the empire in 500 AD?



¨Read the article and answer the questions below:
How did the “utilitarian buildings like bridges and aqueducts play important roles in unifying the empire”?
List 2 major cities that were founded by the Romans.
What was the purpose of a basilica?
What was the purpose of the apse of the basilica?
Why type of building is the Colosseum?
Where were basilicas and temples usually located in a Roman city?
What is axial planning?
In the space below, draw the plan of the Forum of Trajan as described in the article.
How do the “constiuent parts of [Trajan’s building complex] relate to the major facets of Roman life”?
List 3 examples of Napoleon’s replication of Roman architecture.

Architecture (cont.)

Look at video clip about the Pantheon to answer the questions below (you may choose to use captions to read the information instead of trying to hear it):
What is the benefit of the dome design on the Pantheon?
Who was the Pantheon built for?
Explain the physics that makes the dome on the Pantheon possible.
What are step-rings and why were they necessary?
What is the oculus? Why was it necessary?

Architecture (part three)

The Colosseum: Go to this site and launch the animation to answer the questions below. Again, you’ll have to play in the site to find everything.
What was the Colosseum’s name in antiquity?
Where were gladiatorial games held before the Colosseum was built?
What was the capacity of the Colosseum?
How were the crowds arranged or organized?
How did the word “arena” come to mean the place where the action takes place?
How were the combatants and animals moved from the substructure to the arena?
How did the builders of the Colosseum provide for light and air circulation?

Military -- Use the image to label the uniform of a Roman soldier.

Use the article to answer the questions below:
Explain the organizational structure of the Roman Army.
What distinguished a general from other officers?
What purpose(s) did the standard serve? 
Use this article to answer the questions about one of the most famous battle of the late Empire.
What is the name of the battle?
Who fought?
Who won?
What does “in hoc signo vinces” mean? Include direct translation and what it represented.
What is the long term significance of this battle?


Use the map to answer the questions. You’ll have to play around in the site a little to find everything. :)
How far did the Roman settlement  extend by 273 bce?
What year did the Empire reach its greatest size?
Describe the area of Roman influence n 133 bce.
What caused Rome’s economic interest in the Iberian Peninsula?
List the 5 Roman cities in England that existed by the high point of the Empire.
Where did Roman silk come from?