Emergency Information

Safe-to-tell Hotline

Safe2Tell provides a safe, easy way to report information about anything that is a concern to school or community safety. To anonymously report a safety concern please call 1-877-542-SAFE (1-877-542-7233) or go online to www.safe2tell.org.

School Crisis Management

To assist in providing a safe and secure learning environment for Horizon High School students and staff, the Department of Safe and Secure Environments created the following guidelines for parents and community in the case of a school crisis.

  • *Always consider the information provided by Adams 12 Five Stars Schools as official and the most accurate information (a call by one student with a cell phone can easily become a source of misinformation).
  • *Check the following sources: the Adams 12 Five Star Schools WebsiteFSSTV(cable channel 22), local media, and your phone (our rapid call auto dialer system can make more than 100,000 calls per hour).
  • *It is extremely important our parents keep all of their contact information current with our Registrar's Office so that our auto dial system can reach you. (Call 720-972-4430 to update your information.)
  • *It is also important that parents not go to the school until they receive a request from the district auto dialer or the District or Horizon Website instructing them to do so