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Horizon Improves ACT Composite Score

posted Aug 23, 2012, 5:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 23, 2012, 5:38 AM ]

"Adams 12 Five Star Schools saw its strongest performance ever on the ACT. The district's composite score for the ACT is 19.5, compared to 18.6 in 2006.

Horizon and Legacy High Schools demonstrated outstanding growth compared to prior years. They both saw a 0.5 increase in their ACT composite score. Horizon's composite is 19.9, and Legacy's is 22.4. The state's composite score is 20.

The 11th grade ACT assessment, which is more commonly known as the Colorado ACT (CO ACT), is administered once in April and once in May. This assessment is equivalent to all other ACT Assessments administered on national test dates throughout the country. Since this is an actual college entrance exam, results from this assessment can be submitted for college entrance by the student to their college or university of choice.

The CO ACT Assessment consists of two parts which are designed to help students prepare for postsecondary educational opportunities. The first part is a pre-test session which includes an interest inventory, a student profile section, and a course/grade section. The second part is the academic assessment section which includes tests in the areas of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. From the tests, students receive a composite score along with scores for each of the skill areas. The CO ACT assessment also provides two sub scores in English, three sub scores in Mathematics, and two sub scores in Reading."

"Horizon and Legacy High Schools demonstrate outstanding growth" originated on the website